Events - OFAA welcomes Lois Green for “A Human Experience” July 26, 2016 @ OMAH 3rd. floor @ 7 pm

OFAA welcomes
Lois Green for “A Human Experience”
July 26, 2016 @ OMAH 3rd. floor @ 7 pm.
Non members $5:00 at the door

I see the human form as a vehicle to evoke positive meaning, and I embrace ideas which challenge or are difficult, responding in terms of an inner perception that chooses compassion. For me the nude embodies what we can be at our most vulnerable, exposed, defenceless, humble and innocent.
The form is subject to where I am in my artistic process, the evolving conscious perceptions I carry of my experience as a mature woman as well as the implicit and unconscious narrative I carry from childhood. I am engaged in ideas about relationship, the impact of early life experiences on the present moment, and how this can play out in conscious and unconscious ways when relating to self and others. While painting I let these concerns as well as planned strategies and spontaneous events drive outcomes.
Lois Green is a graduate of OCAD’s Communication and Design Department (1983).  She has varied experience as a graphic studio artist in the UK and in Canada.  Green has worked as a freelance illustrator with work appearing in children's books, school texts and magazines including Canadian Business and Chatelaine. She has worked as a private art instructor to adults and children and is a MacLaren Artist Instructor delivering varied arts programming to youth and adults at the Gallery. Green is a practicing fine artist working within the traditional disciplines of life drawing.  Her work focuses on the human form and how to connect the interplay of media to her own relationships with herself and others. For several years Ms. Green was Programme Coordinator at the Orillia Museum of Art & History.