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Beverly began her love of painting as a child, watching her Mother and Grandmother create magnificent landscapes in oils, and she knew then that she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. As happens in most of our lives, life intervenes and sidelines your dreams for a time. In 2001, she picked up the paint brush and produced works in acrylics. But the timing wasn’t right and after a couple years she switched her focus to writing and music. In 2011 the call was too strong for her to ignore and this time when she picked up the paint brush her life as a professional artist began.
When she began her journey, she started with watercolours and was reminded that as the water flows over the paper and the colors blend as they will; that in a world sometimes filled with chaos, the art of creating creates moments of peace. She is happiest when she is in the “artist zone” as time falls away. She likens it to being in a bubble where only you, the canvas or paper, paint and brushes exist.
Her latest works are mostly landscapes,florals and abstracts, working almost exclusively in oils and acrylics. Her larger acrylics tend to be more abstract but we can see the shift beginning there as well.
Beverly feels the presence of her late Grandmother Margaret Frazer when she paints the landscapes of northern Ontario and here closer to home in Lake Country. Her Mother Edith still paints at age 81. Beverly feels she has been schooled by the most amazing women and is proud to honour them by continuing the family traditions that go back more than a hundred years.
Beverly has completed many workshops in watercolours, acrylics and oils and teaches beginner palette knife painting in acrylics. She feels her style is unique and would love the opportunity to share it with a larger audience. She is currently on the Executive board of the Orillia Fine Arts Association, a member of Carfac, and gallery member at the Peter Street Fine Arts Gallery and Studio.

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