Teresa Trainer

Art became part of my life at age 10 when I fractured my knee and it took a long time to heal. My artistic mother introduced me to drawing and painting to keep me entertained. No TV in those days! As I matured as an artist I experimented with every medium on every surface. I have painted hundreds of pieces from observation and from my imagination rendering objective and nonobjective artwork. I took art classes from many artists in the five countries where I have lived and after retirement I rounded my art education by returning to university and receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from York University at Toronto, Canada.
Art is my daily refuge and is always present in my mind. During difficult times art becomes a spiritual healer that offers me tranquility bringing creativity and innovation into my life. It became my beacon during the years I worked as a psycho-social oncology councillor at Cancer Care Ontario. I hope you enjoy this mini-sample of my artwork created in various styles and media. I have exhibited in Canada and abroad and sold many of my paintings. I am a member of the Orillia Fine Arts Association.

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Teresa Trainer